Smokin Collard Greens



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I have so much I want to share; more about your pantry, how to save money and eat like a rock star.  Living in Phoenix AZ. can be a challenge when shopping for southern foods.  Today we are going to cook southern collard greens without pork, but lots of flavor and not many calories. We are flavoring the greens with smoked turkey meat, Yum. We lived in Atlanta, Ga. for many years and greens are everywhere and dirt cheap. Here, you get a little for a lot, but really worth it. Because the greens cook down so much, we start with a lot. Here’s a picture of what I start with. 101_0187 (2)  or    WP_20151005_12_20_38_ProWhen I find the bags, I still have to remove the veins. Many people cook the bags, just as they are.  My preference is without the veins. Maybe you noticed that all the greens are not the same.  I always add one bunch or bag of Mustard greens or Turnip greens.  Lets be clear, the bagged greens are always available, just expensive.  Since I don’t have a lot of money, my plan is to always be a good steward. There is work in prepping the greens and I have more time than money. This is how I remove the stems, 101_0193 roll and cut them.101_0194 Then we wash them101_0195 and wash them, until there is clear water in the sink (no grit or dirt).  Let’s prepare the Smoked turkey meat. 101_0183 Place them in a stock pot with a medium diced onion, 1/2 a bell pepper and cover with water approximately 6 cups(1 1/2 quarts). 101_0192 (3) Once it’s falling off the bone, cool and remove all the meat.  Use 1 C. meat & broth per recipe. 101_0196  Bag the rest of the meat and broth into serving sizes and freeze in a labeled zip bag.

101_0199 Smoked Turkey meat

2 Smoked turkey drumsticks  – 1 medium onion, diced  – 1/2 bell pepper diced ( I prefer red or yellow)  – 6 C. water  – kosher salt

Simmer all in a covered  stock pot until the meat is falling off the bone,in about 90 minutes. Let the meat cool so that you can touch it to remove all the meat. Check  the broth for seasoning, it might need salt (1/2 – 1 teaspoon).

Smokin Collard Green

4 bunches of greens (3 collards + 1 mustard or turnip) or 3 – 1 pound bags (2 collards + 1 mustard or turnip)

1 medium diced onion  –  2 cloves of garlic, minced  – 1 C. smoked turkey meat & broth  –  1  1/2 C water

1 Tablespoon sugar –  1/4 /C. vinegar w/ peppers  – 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper –  1teaspoon salt

In a large stock pot (7quart) add onions, garlic, turkey meat, broth and water. Add all the greens that will fit and start to simmer.  As they wilt, add more until they are all in the pot. They should simmer for at least 1 hour, covered.  Check them for doneness, try chewing a fork full to see if tender. Continue to simmer, until they are tender. This will probably take at least 30 more minutes. Once done, add sugar, vinegar, cayenne pepper and salt. Stir to combine the flavors. There should be liquid in the bottom of the pot, this is called “pot licker”.  I reduce the licker to 1/2 C for the whole pot. That’s the way I like them, if you want more licker, don’t reduce the liquid. You may even want more licker, just add a little water. This is your pot of greens, you may want more spice, meat or flavor. Take charge, these are your greens, make them your way! At my house, I make them for family and friends. I always plan to have some left for another meal. Putting them in a small air tight container and then in a zip lock bag, ready for the freezer. Make sure they are labeled. I do have a GranniePatty pinterest page. Whenever I see a recipe or a DIY idea, I save them to my pinterest page, check them out.

Be Nice, Be Kind and Be a Blessing to others!

Pat G

Hello World, finally

Hello world,

This is Pat Green also known as Grannie Patty. I am a widow, mother and grandmother.  Food and the industry have been important in my life. When my daughter was young, I worked as a Tupperware sales manager. I was introduced to great nutrition by Reliv one of the best companies in the world.  For 5 years I demonstrated and sold Saladmaster cookware.  I also did cooking classes with members of my church as a small group for at least 3 years.

I love to cook and when I was young we didn’t have fast food restaurants.  It was a very special treat to eat out.

I quickly learned that eating at home had so many advantages over eating out.  Because my husband was a diabetic it was much easier to control his diet at home.

My message is for new cooks and those who are willing to make changes in their routine. Let’s start with building your pantry. A pantry is a list of  food items that you always have on hand. These foods can be stored  in cabinets, refrigerator or in the freezer. With a good pantry, you can put dinner on the table without having to make a trip to the market.

I have made a master grocery list that works for me and I will share it with you.Grocery List larger. Once you download, you can edit the list to personalize it. Mine is in a 4″X6″ size and I use blank cards. One other thing I want to share is salt. Day to day I use kosher salt it has less sodium than sea salt or table salt.When cooking I use a product that is even lower in sodium, “Spike” here’s a picture of what you’re looking for WP_20150801_15_19_57_Pro (2) I use the red top or box. It’s available in specialty stores and some regular markets. Try it first and if you like it, save the empty bottles and refill using the box. I buy the box for under $6 and it fills 2 & 1/2 bottles. The bottles are $2.80 to $3.50. What I really like about “Spike” is that there is not an aftertaste.

Each week I plan to post at least one recipe and one life lesson.   With these survival skills; I want you all to not only survive, but to thrive.

You will hear me say this over and over, Be Nice, Be kind and Be a Blessing to others!

Pat G