Kitchen with style!

There are many parts to a great kitchen. Throughout life what we need, will change. Let’s start with the first kitchen. Maybe you are going off to school or stocking your first apartment. Let your budget be your guide, when shopping.
Here’s a basic list; Coffee maker, an electric tea kettle(my new favorite)

almost complete

WP_20160313_13_53_13_Pro 2 sizes of glasses( juice & tea glass), 4 place setting of dishes( dinner plate, salad plate, salad or soup bowl & mug).WP_20160313_13_52_49_Pro You will need; forks, knives and spoons(teaspoons & soup), a toaster, a can opener and electric skillet.WP_20160404_14_51_51_ProWP_20160404_15_16_11_ProLet’s add
measuring cups, measuring spoons, a funnel, a peeler, heat resistant rubber spatulas & a small grater (for cheese or garlic). You need serving spoons, tongs, a ladle, cutting board and a spatula for flipping burgers or pancakes. Don’t forget a chef’s knife or a set of steak knives to chop your ingredients.
This may be all for your first kitchen, if it’s without a sink and a stovetop. If you have these, let’s add some essentials. You need some cookware, mixing and serving bowls and utensils. This may be the right set for getting started $39.WP_20160401_13_39_45_ProYour cookware should include; 1 quart saucepan,3 quart saucepan, 5 or 7 quart pot with lids, 7″ or 11″ skillet.
Get the best set or pieces you can afford. I know a microwave is popular,
but it’s much healthier to use a toaster oven or a convection oven. No microwave please! If you plan to bake, you’ll need; cookie sheets, cake pans, muffin pans and an electric mixer(hand or stand). You will need containers for flour, sugar and other dry goods. These items can be stored in zip bags, just make sure to pull the air out of the bags. Be sure that you have containers for leftovers and for lunches. If you pack your lunch, you will have extra money. Many people starting out want to buy their lunch. Hopefully the light bulbs go on and you realize, just how much money you could be wasting. For some it could the difference between renting and buying a home over time. The last things to mention are; cleaning tools, towels and dish cloths.
So much more to share, but this is enough for now.
Remember to Be Nice, Be Kind and Be a Blessing to others!

Pat G

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