I can not be silent. I have lived all 74 of my years as a black women and I have a point of view. Every time someone dies under strange circumstances, we grieve. This could be the beginning of the end. Respect is what we are all looking for. Is it possible that we can all have it? The answer is YES. If we treat others the way we want to be treated, the world would be a much better place. If we can stop placing blame and start accepting responsibility for all our choices. We most start looking in the mirror. I am guilty of judging people, because of how they dress, they speak, how they look and what they do. I know that I am wrong and I am working on me.
Could it be, that others are guilty of the same thing and how can we change? This may be a shocking concept, let’s first look at ourselves.

Anger is a key component. I can remember being in a department store and someone following me through the store. Why were they following me, could it have been my color? I remember going to look at a house and the realtor leaned on Walter’s car door to prevent him from getting out of the car. He asked us why we would want to live in this neighborhood. It’s easy to get angry, but what do we gain? My goal has always been to excel, not just get by or get even.

Early in my life I decided to fit in. I know that I am as good as you are, but I have to prove it to the you and the world. I talk the way most people talk, with good grammar. I don’t use slang and always present myself in a professional way. These are choices I make, because I choose to be included. Many people are in survival mode, angry, hostile and looking for someone to blame. Why and how can this help us thrive? This may be a new concept for some, let’s thrive and not just survive. Speaking of surviving, I saw this video yesterday and it makes me sad, because it may be necessary for our black men to survive.What to do when stopped by police officersPlease watch it. I can’t even imagine the fear that happens when the “flashing light” goes on. I have been stopped, but the only fear I had was, am I going to get a ticket? Fear for my life has never entered my mind. Just for a moment put your self in a black man’s shoes. Most black men are not guilty of anything. We have always been told, that we are innocent until proven guilty. Is that for everyone?

I have friends who are police officers and I can’t imagine a more stressful job. They run to danger, when all instincts tell us to run the other way. It is a thankless job and everyday their families don’t know if they are coming home. 99.9% of these officers are decent, honorable and awesome.
I say thank you and I pray for you daily. Respect is what you deserve. To say that all officers are bad is as stupid as saying all black men are bad. It’s the same wrong argument.

The bottom line is, we are flawed, but trying to do the right race Please take some time to consider this reality. We are more alike than different. Ask one question, what can you do to make it better?

Remember to Be Nice, Be Kind and Be of Service!
Pat G.

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