Let’s do lunch!

Thousands of dollars are wasted, because we don’t take the time to plan our lunch. If you are going on a road trip, do you wait until you’re on empty to fill your gas tank? We all know that the better plan is to fill-up before you leave. Why do we drop the ball, when it comes to lunch? Is there something in the vending machine that you’re craving? For the next 2 weeks, keep a running total of how much money you are spending on lunch.

When I started school, we went home for lunch. When we started high school, we had choices. I quickly discovered that I could keep more of my allowance, if I brought my lunch. Some lessons we only have to learn once. Almost 70 years later, I’m still bringing my lunch. Two of the most important reasons are; it’s exactly what I wanted and it did not cost a lot of money. Think about it, what gives you the most and sustains you through the rest of your work day?

I have many favorites; sandwiches, soup, salads with protein and my easy favorite is peanut butter on graham crackers. Picture this, I have a lunch kit and it’s always stocked with my soup mix, a container of graham crackers and I use a clean medicine bottle, full of peanut butter. Even when I forget to make a lunch, I always have a lunch. One of my other quick lunches is the chicken salad and crackers in a box. No, I didn’t make it, but it’s only a $1 at the dollar store. That same exact salad may be $3 in the vending machine. Yes we are only talking about $2, but how many times does it take to add up to $10?
Let me tell you about my soup mix, I buy the package and it has 8 servings. Read the package, each serving is 1/4 Cup and to kick up the flavor, I sprinkle in some dry chicken bouillon (1/2 teaspoon). I use the snack size zip bags and measure them all at once. On the days that I want soup, I just dump the powder into a cup and stir in about 6 ounces of hot water, put on the lid and in 6 minutes I have soup.
My all-time favorite sandwich is a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomatoe. They can get soggy, so I pack the parts, separately and put it together just before I eat it. My next favorite is roast beef and Swiss cheese. I like the very thin sliced beef, so I go to the deli and have them slice it for me. I have a new system for these sandwichs. Because I don’t want the same thing every day, I still get a pound, divide it into sandwich portions, wrap each portion in waxed paper and stack them in a freezer zip bag and freeze. When I decide to make a sandwich, I get just the right amount out of the freezer, thaw it and make my sandwich. When I make dinner, the plan is to have it again for lunch, so I freeze individual servings. I thaw and warm up this meal and put it in my thermos.
I could go on forever, but you need to put on your thinking cap and figure out what you like and what works for you.
I also challenge you to see how much money you’re spending and figure out what you could do with that money? Once you figure it out, please let me know.

Remember to Be Nice, Be Kind and Be of Service!

Pat G.