Best Fathers, Ever!

My daddy was my first hero. He worked 2 jobs most of my life. His garden became his second job, when he retired from driving a school bus. He didn’t talk a lot, but his actions spoke volumes. He taught me to be independent. I started working for my uncle at 12, answering his business phone and setting up appointments. He also taught me how to budget and save. My most favorite memories were mornings, he would make us breakfast and then I would go off to school and he went to bed. Gone too soon!

Walter Green is my hero still. We met 3 times, growing up and the last time was the one. We were set up by my friend Sandi. Once we met, it was forever. He was my only love!
We married in 1962 and Cynthia came in 1964. This is the way we did it then, marriage first. Make the commitment to each other, before we add children. Make your commitment legal, as soon as you are sure. A wedding is a big party, have the party when you can afford it.

Walt was a great dad, always available for her. Even as an adult, he was always her daddy. Cynthia called him the cool dad and he was a cool dude, with a heart of gold. He had a tough look, but he was a teddy bear. Even with all his illnesses he was a special person. He looked out for us and gave us advice that we still follow. He taught us how to survive in this world. Miss you baby, LOVE you STILL!

Remember to Be Nice, Be Kind and Be of Service!

Pat G.

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