Be Nice, Be Kind and Be of Service!

I need to let you know what I mean, when I say be nice, be kind and be of service. Our world has changed and common courtesy is going away.
I want it back!
To be nice, you are doing what is right. It’s all the things our mothers taught us. The Golden Rule and the 10 Commandments are how we should live our lives. We respect our elders, women and everyone else on the planet. These are just 2 of the ways to be nice. Holding the door open for a person with packages or children is the nice thing to do. Being unselfish is nice.

To be kind means that we go out of our way for someone else. For the homeless, donations of food or money. When someone is sick, we take food over so that they can get better and not have to worry about preparing meals. Some of us even clean for those in need. Kind words mean so much. Try to lift someone up instead of tearing them down. Smiles are in my arsenal, they are free and they can mean so much. We never know what people are going through. Sometimes they feel invisible and we can show them that they matter.
I had a conversation with someone wanting to donate blood. She said to me that she wanted her blood to go to a new born baby or a person receiving a transplant. She said, she did not want her blood to go to a homeless person. First of all, we don’t get to pick who receives our blood. There are exceptions, we can ask that the donation is credited to a person or a special drive. We can also donate our blood for our own surgical procedure. Was it kind to donate blood, yes. But is it kind to put restrictions on your gift?

The gift of kindness slides right into being of service. Donating blood is one of the easy ways of serving the other people on the planet. The members of my church are great examples of being of service. They have been in my home, making repairs, many times. They have served many others. We sponsor a food bank and on Saturdays, they are there, helping people in need. The key to being of service is thinking of others more than yourself. It feels great. If we all could have that mindset for just a little while, what a different world it would be. Whenever we have a disaster, the angels come out. How nice would it be if people were in “angel mode” more of the time? People struggle so much. Put yourself in their shoes. What can we do to ease their pain? Our heroes are in angel mode all the time. The heroes are the people that we should never take for granted, our military, firefighters,law enforcement and never forget the first responders. All these people put their lives on the line daily. We must remember that we are not alone in our struggles

If we want change, we must be the change! Don’t just talk it , live it!

Remember to Be Nice, Be Kind and Be of Service!

Pat G