Patty’s Fried Chicken

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This recipe comes from my mom and grandmother. In the old days we bought whole chickens and cut them into 8 or 10 pieces (cut the breast in half to make 10). Walter loved the breast and the rest of us love drumsticks. Because chicken parts go on sale often, I just buy the parts I want. The breast is great for salads, casseroles and soups, so whenever they go on sale, I’m buying. I always buy on the bone, with the skin on. The skin is really easy to take off and there is flavor in the bone. They go on sale at least once a month, for under $1 a pound.WP_20160520_11_45_57_ProWP_20160502_09_54_05_Pro
I always rinse the chicken with cold water, pat with paper towel. Next, I sprinkle the pieces with Paula Deen’s house seasoning; 1 C. kosher salt, ¼ C. ground black pepper & ¼ C. garlic powder. Just mix all the ingredients and store in a container with a shaker top. Be sure to label any special blends that you put together. The “House Seasoning “is what I use on most meats, it’s a great blend. You want to season at every step. In the old days we used paper bags, but now I use a gallon size zip bag for coating the chicken. In the zip bag, I put 1C. AP flour (I always buy all-purpose flour, because with a few ingredients I can make self-rising flour) 1T House Seasoning and 1t. Onion powder, shake up the bag to blend. Once the chicken is seasoned, start adding pieces to the flour to coat. Shake the pieces twice to make sure they are completely coated and set them aside. Prepare the skillet with at least 2” of oil and pre heat the pan on medium high (should take at least 8-10 minutes). You can test the temperature by sprinkling a pinch of flour in the oil, it will sizzle when ready. Slowly add the pieces, one at a time, away from you. Make sure that you don’t crowd the pan. There needs to be room to turn the pieces.WP_20160502_16_39_07_Pro (2) Cook the pieces for 15 minutes on the first side, they should be golden. Then turn on the other side and cook for another 10 minutes covered. Remove from the skillet and drain on layers of paper towel. Repeat the process until all the pieces are cooked.
To make the gravy, pour off most of the remaining oil, leave 1/4 C. and there will be drippings. WP_20160412_10_45_42_Pro (2)At a medium temperature, sprinkle in 1/4 C. of the seasoned flour and whisk to combine. As the gravy thickens, add hot water to thin it down.WP_20160412_10_59_50_Pro (2) You will notice a change in color as it cooks. It becomes lighter in color. Continue to cook for a few minutes to get rid of the taste of flour. WP_20160412_11_05_16_Pro (2)Taste to make sure the flavor is where you want it. Most times I add bouillon powder or cubes to kick up the flavor. Great on potatoes, rice or grits. Your gravy should be a little thinner than you want, because it will continue to thicken. The most important bit of advice I can give about cooking, is taste your food.

Remember to Be Nice, Be Kind and Be of Service!
Pat G

Grocery Shopping 101

My first attempt at grocery shopping, ended in disaster. I was 16 and I was shopping to make lunch for my uncle and his crew. In 1958 there were not many fast food places. It was Saturday and the hardware store was wall to wall people, all day. So I went to the super market to get ingredients for lunch. I had a list, but saw some other items that would be good. It didn’t occur to me, that I might not have enough money. I just put the items on the conveyer and waited for the total. When she gave me the amount, I turned beet red, I didn’t have enough money and It took me a few seconds to figure out what to do next. I should take off some of those items that I didn’t need. It felt like an hour, but it was only minutes. This was the only time in my life that I didn’t have enough for my purchase. Because, I became pro active and paid attention. Using my list, I am adding up the items in my head. Remember my grocery listGrocery List larger, when you download it, you can edit and print it. I do mine on 4″X 6″ cards, print on both sides and with glue I make them into a pad. I have a list,WP_20160429_14_01_13_Pro I know what everything costs and I watch the register, making sure that it rings the right price. Not only do I have a list, but I shop for items I want and most of them are on sale. I don’t wait until I’m out, when it goes on sale, is when I’m buying.
I spend 1/2 hour every week checking what’s on sale. There are many ways to know the sales; every store has a flyer or a website, the ads are in the newspaper(most ads run Wednesday – Tuesday), many of the ads come in a flyer in the mail. My new favorite way to check the ads is an app called Flipp, right now the app is giving me 92 flyers in my area. It gives me all the flyers, not just groceries. I look at the stores that work for me and plan where I’m going to shop. Confession time, I like to shop, but I break it down into small trips. I understand that most people don’t enjoy shopping. WalMart is one store that does price matching and they usually will have the ads, so that you can get the best price at their store. It is your responsibility to have the ads for price matching and to ask for price matching! I always put all the price match items together at the end of my order.
Most grocery stores have some form of membership program. To get the best savings, you have to be a member (each card requires you give them information). The stores give you something that looks like a credit card, once you give your information, you can just enter your phone number and get your savings. One of my most memorable trips gave me super savings; I bought 4 pounds of Challenge Butter and a large Yuban Coffee for just $11.95. Not on sale, the price could be more than $22.00.WP_20160304_15_21_13_Pro (2)WP_20160304_15_21_59_Pro (2) Don’t worry none of my recipes call for 4 pounds of butter, it freezes well. Get it on sale and use it when you want! Repeat, buy the items when they are on sale, not when you need them.
How does this help you? Sirloin steaks can run as much as $11.99 a pound. When on sale, it can be as low as $3.99 per pound. Do the math, that can be $8.00 difference per pound! I buy it on sale and wrap them separately and put them in the freezer. One of the best things you can do is keep a freezer chart and make sure to update it. I’m sure this sounds like a lot of work, but very quickly, you’ll get the process. Make it a game and spend your savings on something special(just once). You will see just how “worth it” it can be.
Let’s talk about coffee, the K cups have become very popular. Consider the waste and the cost.(not good for the environment)WP_20160415_18_26_46_ProGrocery stores give some price information, the red tag tells you how much per ounce. The K cup is about a 1/3 of an ounce. Again do the math, they are about 61 cents per cup. Buying the large canister, gives you at least 30 ounces at 25 cents per ounce, or 8 cents per cup?????? At my house I fill the paper filters, stack them and store them in a canister. I make 6 cups at a time, for 3 large cups.101_0178101_0179101_0182I can reduce waste, by using reusable filters and using the paper filters over again. I make up my filters, on a day when I have extra time. This really works for the days when I have little time. There are reusable filters for K cups as well. Time is the factor. Do you have more time or money and which is most important?
One last thought, there are deals everywhere. I often shop at 99cent stores. Sometimes the items are on sale and sometimes just for sale. KNOW your prices and know the difference!
Lot’s more to share. Patty’s Homemade Fried Chicken & gravy are next. Please comment and tell me what you want.
Remember to Be Nice, Be Kind and Be of Service to others!

Pat G

Mommy’s Homemade Rolls

My Mommy always made wonderful yeast rolls, from scratch. She didn’t measure anything. The recipe was in her head. We moved to Atlanta in’69. In one of my last conversations with my Mommy, I asked her to make her rolls, measure the ingredients and write it down for me. I still have that handwritten recipe. WP_20160418_09_57_29_Pro
Many great things happen with those ingredients.
I learned to make the rolls “brown & serve”. We make them, they rise and set in the oven(not brown). Then I can freeze them. We just pull out the number needed, they thaw quickly(about 15 minutes)and brown them in a hot oven. It’s like we made them fresh, that day.
I also make two different types of cinnamon rolls from the same dough; the regular iced cinnamon rolls WP_20160407_11_32_26_Pro and on special occasions, we make the roll into a “Swedish Tea Ring”WP_20160424_07_45_40_Pro (2)( same ingredients, different method). Let me show you how to do all this on a lazy day of cooking. I like to cook in batches, this way dinner can be on the table in a snap! This is because I have already done some of the work. Any meal comes together faster ,if you’ve prepped the ingredients and have them ready.
Most times when I make the rolls, I double the recipe. I have an upright freezer, and can take advantage of sales. So even though I am now a family of one, I still cook for at least four and feed the freezer. This gives me meals in minutes.
Let’s make the dough; 2 packs of yeast – 1/4 C. warm water – 2 eggs, beaten – 1/2 C. sugar – 2 T. butter – 1 T. salt – 1 C. hot water – 3 1/2 C. all purpose flour.
In a bowl, dissolve the yeast, a pinch of sugar and the warm water and cover. Let it rise, it should at least double. In another small bowl, beat the eggs. In a large mixing bowl, with the sugar, butter and salt, stir in the hot water. Let it dissolve and cool. Once the mixing bowl is cool, add the yeast mixture and the eggs. Slowly, stir in the flour, 1/3, at a time. WP_20160406_09_44_09_ProCover and let double in size ( 1 – 1 1/2 hours)WP_20160406_11_29_07_Pro (2) You have 2 choices, you can roll the dough out on a floured surface, making them into Parkerhouse or Cloverleaf rolls or use a large spoon and rubber spatula. I don’t like “yuk” on my hands, so most times, I use the spoon method. Spoon the dough into greased muffin tins.(3/4 full)WP_20160406_12_03_32_Pro (2)Once they rise and double, you can bake them at 375′ until golden, butter and enjoy!
Now let’s do the “brown & serve” technique; Bake them at 325′ until they are set, but not brown. Let them cool and freeze in air tight containers or in zip bags.WP_20160406_21_38_13_Pro (2) When ready to bake, pull out the number you need and place on a pan or cookie sheet, thaw and bake at 425′ until brown (15 minutes or less).
Let’s do the cinnamon rolls two ways;First, let’s make regular or mini cinnamon rolls. We use 1/2 the dough for the 2 pans of cinnamon rolls or 1 Swedish Tea Ring. On a floured surface, roll out the dough into a large rectangle(1/4″ thick). Spread melted butter (1/2 stick), over the dough almost to the edge. Remember this is your recipe, you may want to add more or less.
Sprinkle cinnamon sugar liberally over the butter,WP_20160406_11_45_29_Pro (2) roll it tightly on the long side, to form a log.WP_20160423_17_05_36_ProMine is not perfect, but still works. If you take more time, you can even out the log so that, it is the same size throughout. Just massage the bigger parts into the smaller sections. As I said I don’t like the “yuk” and I was in a hurry. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Cut(use a serrated knife) into slices 1/2″ thick and place in a pan, buttered or sprayed with a non stick spray. Always let them double, before putting into the oven.WP_20160406_11_58_44_Pro (3)I almost forgot to give you the recipe for cinnamon sugar; 1/2 C. sugar and 2-3 T. cinnamon (I prefer 3T.), I always keep a batch on hand for cinnamon toast and I had to find a recipe, because I don’t usually measure it.Sounds familiar doesn’t it. I just made minis last Saturday, use 1/4 of the dough and 1/4 of the butter and cinnamon sugar. The whole recipe of butter and cinnamon sugar is enough for both 1/2’s.(use 1/2 for each of the large rolls or 1/4 of each, if making minis.) Roll them tight and cut 1/4″ and place in mini prepped tins. They need to double before baking. Bake them at 375′ until golden(about 30 minutes). The minis take less time, so start checking them at 20 minutes. Also, when making the minis, put them in the middle of the oven, not too close to the element.(the bottoms could burn, if too close)Swedish Tea Ring;Make the cinnamon roll log and join the ends together. You also need to pinch the seam to seal it as well as the ends to join.WP_20160423_17_09_57_ProYou can manipulate the dough to make it more even in size. With kitchen shears, cut 1″ slices almost through the ring and turn the slices out.WP_20160423_17_17_31_Pro Again, the ring needs to double in size and bake until golden brown.WP_20160424_07_24_34_Pro (2) 1 While they are still warm, drizzle on the icing.
Coffee cake icing; 1 C. powdered sugar, 2 T. warm milk & 1/2 t. vanilla flavoring,combine until smooth. Drizzle as much as you like. When I made the tea ring, I added raisins to the filling, just sprinkling them over the cinnamon sugar before rolling.
At another time I’ll show you the other rolls and maybe a savory filling. Please comment and tell me what you’d like to see. If you enjoy my posts, please share me with the world! Next time we will do grocery shopping 101 & Patty’s Fried Chicken is coming soon, with homemade gravy!
Remember to Be Nice, Be Kind and Be of Service to others!

Pat G

Kitchen with style!

There are many parts to a great kitchen. Throughout life what we need, will change. Let’s start with the first kitchen. Maybe you are going off to school or stocking your first apartment. Let your budget be your guide, when shopping.
Here’s a basic list; Coffee maker, an electric tea kettle(my new favorite)

almost complete

WP_20160313_13_53_13_Pro 2 sizes of glasses( juice & tea glass), 4 place setting of dishes( dinner plate, salad plate, salad or soup bowl & mug).WP_20160313_13_52_49_Pro You will need; forks, knives and spoons(teaspoons & soup), a toaster, a can opener and electric skillet.WP_20160404_14_51_51_ProWP_20160404_15_16_11_ProLet’s add
measuring cups, measuring spoons, a funnel, a peeler, heat resistant rubber spatulas & a small grater (for cheese or garlic). You need serving spoons, tongs, a ladle, cutting board and a spatula for flipping burgers or pancakes. Don’t forget a chef’s knife or a set of steak knives to chop your ingredients.
This may be all for your first kitchen, if it’s without a sink and a stovetop. If you have these, let’s add some essentials. You need some cookware, mixing and serving bowls and utensils. This may be the right set for getting started $39.WP_20160401_13_39_45_ProYour cookware should include; 1 quart saucepan,3 quart saucepan, 5 or 7 quart pot with lids, 7″ or 11″ skillet.
Get the best set or pieces you can afford. I know a microwave is popular,
but it’s much healthier to use a toaster oven or a convection oven. No microwave please! If you plan to bake, you’ll need; cookie sheets, cake pans, muffin pans and an electric mixer(hand or stand). You will need containers for flour, sugar and other dry goods. These items can be stored in zip bags, just make sure to pull the air out of the bags. Be sure that you have containers for leftovers and for lunches. If you pack your lunch, you will have extra money. Many people starting out want to buy their lunch. Hopefully the light bulbs go on and you realize, just how much money you could be wasting. For some it could the difference between renting and buying a home over time. The last things to mention are; cleaning tools, towels and dish cloths.
So much more to share, but this is enough for now.
Remember to Be Nice, Be Kind and Be a Blessing to others!

Pat G

A funny thing happened on my way to post !

So, I have been away for a while.  As I started to blog and share with others, I was hearing about another site with a similar name. Naughty is the best way I can describe it. We checked into it and indeed “naughty” they are.  It made perfect sense for me to move away from that business. Here we are “Pat G is the Grannie”. I never want us confused with the other people.

We will return to our format next week. Today I want to tell you a little about me and how I got here.  I am 74 years young and love life. I believe we are meant to contribute while we are here. I want to learn something everyday. May I say, learning to write a blog is and has been challenging and humbling.

I am a widow. Married to Walter Green for 42 years. Our wedding (2)When we got married, it was for life. So when we had problems, we figured it out. Never did we use the “D” word.  The promise to each other and to GOD was real. I thank Him everyday for the time we had.

Walter was a diabetic and a heart patient. He survived 6 heart attacks and 4 amputations. He never lost his desire to live life.  He was also a professional poker player. A world class player and a champion. My JellyLife was never dull.

We decided to make the most of the time we had. In 1985 we bought a 32′ motorhome and traveled the country. After a few years we parked the RV and got jobs and traveled when we could. There were times of sickness and we needed the health insurance. But whenever he was well, we would get on the road.

Both our fathers only lived 49 years.  We knew that retirement years are not promised. So we decided to take our retirement when we could get it. We have been in all 50 states and many countries. The memories will last the rest of my life. Since I’m still here, I want to share some of the things I’ve learned.

The “golden rule” is a great place to start. Why not treat people the way you want to be treated. Treat people with respect, no matter who they are.  All lives matter! I will not go down the political road, for some reason it divides instead of bringing people together.  We are more alike than different, many are not able to see this truth.

My mother and my grandmother always taught me to be nice. To be kind is the natural next step. Everything in my being tells me to be of service, that’s why I’m here. I am so grateful for the people in my life. They have made me who I am. My heavenly Father is in charge! As I grow older, this becomes so much more clear. As I look back, I can see His plan is perfect.

I will be giving advice like your grandmother. Sometimes you won’t like it, just listen and think about it before you react. My grandmother was right, most of the time. The best part of the advice, it’s given with love! There will be recipes for food as well. Everyone eats, so we need to know how to take care of ourselves.

Next week we make Homemade Rolls and help you setup your first kitchen.
Be Nice, Be kind and Be a Blessing to others!

Pat G