Who is PatGisTheGrannie?

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Who is Pat Green.? I’m a widow, a mother, a grandmother and I am a child of GOD. There have been so many great times in my life, both good & bad. I have benefited from all of them. I have been in some form of customer service since I was twelve years old. When I say be nice, be kind and be of service, these are values passed down from my parents and grandmother. I have traveled all the US and many other countries. I have been a Tupperware lady. A distributor of Princess House and Reliv products. I sold Saladmaster cookware and for many years prepared and sold complete holiday meals. I have worked for the post office, a phone company, an airline and have been a census taker. I have been a full time RVr. Lived in 7 different cities throughout the country. I have retired at least 3 times and am looking forward to my final retirement in 2017 from United Blood Services. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be working, it means I’ll be working for myself.

I am a positive person who believes that everyone matters. I think that if we treat people the way we want to be treated, the world will be a better place. I am doing my part, how about you?

My plan is to guide, educate and help transform your life. Even though you may already be perfect, please take this ride with me. It may open your eyes and mind.